breakfast-menu - stratfordmount

Breakfast menu is available from 9.00am-11:00am


Mountain House Big Breakfast – Mild chorizo sausages, choice of your eggs, streaky bacon, warm balsamic tomato and mushroom, hash brown, multigrain toast, or Danish pastry.  30.00

Vegetarian Breakfast – Warm brie cheese, potato and herb Rosti, mushroom and spinach, balsamic tomato, scrambled egg, multigrain or ciabatta toast.  28.00

Blueberry Pancake – Vanilla pancake, maple syrup, blueberry, lemon mascarpone, banana, almond flakes.  24.00

Creamy Mushroom – Creamy mushroom, toasted ciabatta, parmesan cheese, parsley.   25.00

Eggs on Toast – Choice of your eggs, streaky bacon, buttered ciabatta or multigrain toast.  20.00

Bacon/Salmon Benedict – Potato and herb Rosti, witted spinach, streaky bacon or smoke salmon, poached eggs, warm hollandaise sauce.  26.00

Granola With Fruits – House made granola, cut fresh fruits, stewed fruit, coconut flakes, flavoured yoghurt.  23.00


Toasted Ciabatta Each – 2.00

Smoked Salmon – 6.00

2 Potato and Herb Rosti – 7.00

Streaky Bacon Each – 2.00

Gluten Bread Each – 3.00

Baked Bean – 5.00

Gluten free options: If you have any particular dietary requirements, please advise your wait staff prior to ordering. Menu items are subject to availability.