Breakfast & Lunch Menu | Stratford Mountain House


Available from 11:00am-2:00pm.

Mountain House Garlic Bread.  11.50

Soup of the Day served with Toasted Ciabatta.  13.00

Beer Batter Fish, Mountain House Salad, Tartare Sauce, Fries with Lemon Wedge.  28.50

Fish of the Day – Pan fry fish, plain mash, green peas and seasonal vegetables with caper lemon butter.  32.00

Chicken Wings – Southern style chicken wing, BBQ sauce and sesame seed with ranch dressing.  18.00

Pulled Pork Sandwich – Toasted brioche bun, apple, slaw, BBQ pulled pork, piccalilli mayonnaise, beetroot with fries.  21.00

Warm Salmon Salad – Pan seared salmon, leafy green, cherry tomato, marinated olive, orange, candied pecan, brioche crisp, chives & goat cheese dressing.  22.00

Chicken Ham Open Sandwich – Garlic and camembert gratinated ciabatta, crispy chicken, shaved ham, lettuce, tomato and cranberry sauce with fries.  21.00

Steak Sandwich – 130 gm steak, sesame bun, aged cheddar, onion relish, onion ring, lettuce, tomato and mushroom sauce with fries.  22.50

Onion Corn and Spinach Bhaji – Chickpea battered deep fry vegetables with hummus and sweet raita.  17.50